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With over 7 years’ experience within the security industry, due to this, we have extensive knowledge and experience to suit all your needs. Amadube Security offers a comprehensive range of security services and products. For both home and national business, educational establishments, and local governments. Furthermore, we understand the urgency and diversity of dealing with crime of all levels, from theft, vandalism, fraud, to collision. We are a Security Company that offer both domestic security services and commercial security services

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Mobile Security Patrol


Businesses and commercial properties are often vulnerable targets of criminals and thieves. Any crimes caused often cause distress to staff and result in operation disruptions. The security risks increase exponentially when the business is out of working hours or vacant. This makes business security essential, however, static guarding is cost-prohibitive for many companies. Although, effective security is not impossible to achieve. Mobile security patrol guards offer protection for both your tangible and intangible assets and give you peace of mind too.

Office Security


Office security is tricky to enforce due to several tenants operating within the building. Unless all of the businesses within the building agree to implement office security, it is down to the office owner to provide security for the whole office block. This should include 24 hour security throughout the office block. Having an office owned by one firm will help improve the implementation of security within an office block. If there are no security measures put into place within the office block, unauthorized personnel can just walk around freely.

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Event Security


Our fully trained and highly skilled PSIRA accredited security guards can monitor your event with full trust and unrivalled protection. To alleviate any suspicious activity, our mobile security guards will be on hand to ensure the safety and security of the people and the equipment involved. At Amadube Security we are committed to ensuring that your required event is securely controlled by our highly qualified security team.

Riot and Strike Control


Amadube Security Services has also introduced the Riot and Strike Control Unit to the Private, Mining and Government Sectors. We provide Crowd Management Techniques
which result in tensions not flaring up. All members of this Unit are trained in Crowd Management and have been selected from their intense experience in extreme situations.

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School Security


Unfortunately, in today’s society there are people out there that are looking to damage, vandalize and destroy school property. This is why security in schools is so important to keep students, staff and property safe. There are many dangers and safety threats children can come across every day. Creating a safe place for children should be a high priority for schools. We are dedicated to helping and revamping school security systems so that all risk factors are ruled out.

Construction Site Security


Construction sites are easy targets for the opportunist thief; the high value of plant and equipment can lead to quick and easy profit. Depending on locality, each site will have its own issues of concern. Typical concerns may include the potential for theft, vandalism and terrorism. We at Amadube Security specialize in providing the necessary expertise and solutions to the sector.

CCTV Security and Installation


If you are looking for a CCTV security company who cover with years of experience, then Amadube Security is the natural choice. Offering home CCTV across South Africa. The types of domestic CCTV systems available are varied and Amadube Security installs Wireless, Hard Wired and Internally monitored CCTV Systems

Our systems help prevent crime before it happens and they are also admissible in court.

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Alarm Monitoring & Response


Commercial alarm installation and monitoring are well-proven means of deterring criminals. In addition, our business alarm response service will minimize the risk of burglary at your offices, factory, shop, or warehouse. Due to this, this service is a very proactive and cost-effective solution. Amadube Security is ready to protect your business with a 24/7 response to alarm activations caused by attempted intrusions or fire. We provide a local response to emergency situations and collaborate with you to create a security plan with multiple protocols for different scenarios.

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